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David S. Odess
Factory Trained Hasselblad Technician
141 Memorial Parkway #230
Randolph, MA  02368  USA

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I am a factory trained Hasselblad technician with 45 years experience servicing the Hasselblad system exclusively, including 5 years with Hasselblad USA.

A copy of my diploma from the Victor Hasselblad factory in Sweden will be furnished upon request. I have the proper factory training, experience, factory tools and genuine Hasselblad parts to provide you with the quality, timely and honest service that you expect and deserve.

Labor Rates

Camera Bodies
500 C
See note below
CB,CF,CFE,CFi Lenses
500 C/M
Older style C lenses
501 C, 501 CM$295.00
FLE lenses$365.00
503 CW, CX, CXi
903 SWC
Magazine 70See note below
500 EL, EL/M
See note below
Gold camera body
500 ELX
See note below
503 ELXSee note below
553 ELXSee note below
555 ELD
See note below

These labor rates are for a complete cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of equipment to factory specifications. These labor rates are a flat charge, and NOT an hourly charge. Any parts that need to be replaced, as well as return shipping, are additional. I accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and checks. Please allow 10 business days for checks to clear.

Although these labor rates apply to the vast majority of the equipment that I service, they are subject to change in the event that the equipment has been tampered with, has been subjected to impact, water or sand, or when extensive repairs are needed.

I service the V system cameras and accessories only. Please note that I do not service the 1000F, 1600F, 2000 series, 200 series, digital cameras or lenses, or F lenses.

I no longer service the motorized camera bodies or the Magazine70, due to the lack of availability of parts.

Regarding the 500 C bodies: I can only service the 500 C bodies if they meet a certain specification. For this reason, please give me a call to discuss this before you send a 500 C body to me for service.

Although I do service most of the lenses, I do not service the following lenses:
30mm C & CF, 40mm FLE, 350mm C & CF, 500mm C & CF and the 140-280 Variogon lenses.


Estimates will be provided for all repairs, and there is no charge for the estimate if you approve the estimate. However, if you refuse the estimate, there will be a $25.00 estimate fee for each item, plus the cost of return shipping. Please note that an "item" refers to each individual component, such as a camera body, lens or film magazine. A complete camera, consisting of a body, lens and magazine, would be considered to be 3 items.

If you refuse the estimate, but decide to have the repair done within six months of the estimate date, the estimate fee will be applied towards the cost of the repair.


Repaired equipment will be returned via Federal Express ground service, insured, signature required, unless another method of shipment is requested. For shipments outside of the United States, I use the U. S. Postal Service. Shipping and insurance charges will be added to the repair invoice.

In-Shop Time

Please note that due to a very heavy work load, and because I am losing a lot of time at work due to side effects of cancer treatment, my turn-around time for most repairs is approximately 20 weeks once you approve the estimate. I appreciate your patience and your understanding.

Rush Service

Rush service (2 to 4 weeks) will be provided when requested. The cost of rush service will be a 50% surcharge of the normal labor charge.


All repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. This guarantee does not apply to any equipment that has been subjected to tampering, water, sand or impact damage. 

When you send a repair to me

When you send a repair to me, please be sure to surround the equipment with at least 4 inches of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, and use a sturdy, corrugated, cardboard box. Please do not use paper or newspaper for packing material, as paper does not provide adequate protection against shock or vibration. Please be sure to insure the package, and enclose a letter with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your daytime telephone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your home address 
  • The address you want me to ship your repair to, if other than your home address
  • Please indicate if this is a residential or commercial address. If it is a commercial address, please include the company name.
  • A description of any known problems
  • A Visa or MasterCard number, the expiration date and the billing address. If you would prefer not to include your credit card number in your letter, please ask me to call you for your credit card information.
  • If you would prefer to pay with PayPal, please indicate this in your letter.

Please include a computer generated or typewritten letter with your repair, and NOT a hand-written letter. You may think your handwriting is very legible, but there are many instances where I have difficulty interpreting a customer's handwriting. And, as you can imagine, this is especially important when it comes to mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, etc. Thank you!

One more thing, please ...

Please do not wrap your equipment in blankets, towels, pillow cases, face cloths, rags or diapers, as these items will be discarded. Also, please do not send the equipment in camera bags or camera cases, as these will increase the shipping charge and take up too much room in my shop. Thank you!

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